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19th-Jul-2010 10:23 am - Writer's Block: Fame for Good
glee, rachel, obsessed, finn
Which celebs could use their fame to do the most social good?
Bono from U2. He heads up a very successful charity (RED) that gets medication and other essential things to Africa to help combat AIDS and Malaria. He is an activist for world peace, equality, and improving the standard of life in every part of the world. I can think of no other celebrity who cares as much about all the people of the world.
In another sense, he remains married to his wife of over twenty years. He has never cheated, and they have four children together. Proving that divorce isn't required to be cool, and neither is cheating, I think, is one of the most important things he's done.
3rd-Jan-2010 08:27 pm - Fic
glee, rachel, obsessed, finn
Title: Grace is a name for a girl (it's also the thought that changed the world)
Rating: PG-13 for suggestiveness
Pairing: Finn/Rachel, Quinn/Rachel friendship only
Prompt: Victoria's Secret
Notes: The title is from the song "Grace" by U2. See if you can findthe other mention of the band in the story! :) Hope you enjoy.

It was a new kind of normalCollapse )
Comments are love, as usual!
10th-Oct-2009 05:45 pm(no subject)
glee, rachel, obsessed, finn
Title: On the Way to Avalon
Rating: G
Characters/Pairing: Arthur/Morgana
Notes: My first attempt at A/Mo, and it's pretty short, more of a drabble. I guess it's not taking place in the show universe, but the legend verse where Morgana has his child. I hope you all like it.
And, oh God please, write more A/Mo. I can't bear to watch the second season, and I love all the fanfics, but I desperately need more. :)

He is old, tired and weak, battered bruised and bleeding, but in her arms. She is young and as beautiful as the day she left his bed and his home, and it almost hurts to look upon her ethereal beauty after so long.

“There is no one in this world or the next who can compare to you, Morgana le Fay.” He tells her.

She looks down at him. “I am not of this world or the next,” but she stokes his hair, and kisses his bloody forehead, and she is of his world.

“You had my child.” He accuses next.

She smiles slightly. “You had my heart.” And then she sighs, and he feels it from where his head is resting on her breast. “Oh Arthur, I tried so hard to prevent this. What else could I have done?”

“You could have let me love you.”

Morgana inclines her head once more, and a single tear falls on his face. He thinks for the first time that she has suffered as much as she has, these long years of separation.

“Rest, Arthur. You’ll be in Avalon before you wake.”

And he is lulled to sleep by her soft breath, and the gentle waves.

20th-Aug-2009 10:00 pm(no subject)
glee, rachel, obsessed, finn

Title: I cannot sleep, I cannot dream tonight (I need you always)

Rating: T

Notes: Title comes partially from "I miss you" By Blink 182. The prompt: "I missed hearing your voice". The coach in this is Tom Cable, head coach of the Raiders, and the assistant is Randy Hanson, and the altercation really did happen, though it's not for reasons implied in this story. Also, the real life Raiders don't have anything to do with this story. I'm just mocking them.

Summary: It got to the point where Puck pulled him aside. “Dude, you really need to get yourself together. It’s not natural to be whipped like this.”

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2nd-Aug-2009 01:47 pm(no subject)
glee, rachel, obsessed, finn
Serious thanks to Alifab, who was patient in correcting all of my mistakes in trying to post this.

Opening NightShowerFlowersBroadwayAirport
iPodYoung Finn/RachelHigh School ReunionSmileOld Movies
BalletHolding HandsCowboy HatsClass Field Trip”On My Own” (Song from Les Mis)
Mowing the LawnLockersSlow DancingRoad TripSneaking Out
Phone CallCartoonsGuiltyFootball GameMiddle Names
The Little MermaidCookingJeansBritney SpearsThe Ocean
Text MessagesSickTic-tac-toeGraduationBackstage
Locked-inSecretsVictoria’s SecretNo PrivacyHiding
HalloweenSwimming PoolLibrarySprinklersSnow
”I’m sorry but you’re not my type.””Here we go again.”I miss the sound of your voice.””She wants to hear she’s beautiful.””I’m falling apart.”
1st-Aug-2009 05:32 pm - Fic: Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)
glee, rachel, obsessed, finn

Title: Save A Horse (Ride a Cowboy)

Rating: T
Summary: Rachel and Mercedes argue with Mr. Shue, and Finchel get a moment

Prompt: Cowboy hats.


Mr. Shue looked upset. “Mercedes, it’s just a hat.”

Shaking her head, Rachel stepped forward. “It’s not just a hat. It’s a cowboy hat. A cowboy hat.” Always repeat things for emphasis. It’s a classic interview technique.

The two self appointed costumers for the club were meeting in Mr. Shue’s classroom to discuss the next theme they should try. Mr. Shue felt that a nod to classic Western songs would be perfect. Mercedes did not agree, and though Rachel actually does love Taylor Swift and the Dixie Chicks, she would never agree to wearing a cowboy hat.

“No one else is going to like this either. Classic rock is our thing. Let’s stick with it.” Mercedes told him.

Mr. Shue kept on frowning, so Rachel interjected, “I like the country idea, but we definitely don’t want it hokey or ironic. There’s nothing iro….”
“…nic about show choir.” Both Mr. Shue and Mercedes repeated dully. She crossed her arms, and looked away.

“I guess we’ll have to talk as a team tomorrow to try to figure out where we’re at. So, I’ll see you both at practice tomorrow.”

Mercedes said goodbye, and bailed as fast as she could. That was smart, because Mr. Shue, judging from the fact that he asked Rachel to take the hats back to the choir room, was feeling a bit lazy. Rachel sighed, but agreed, and gathered the three hats in her arms.

The halls were totally quiet this late after school, and Rachel was enjoying the quiet, and the freedom to walk straight down the center of the hall, and not get knocked around by teens rushing to their classes.

She hummed slightly as she walked, not looking coming back to earth until she reached the choir storage room and entered it. Unfortunately, the only empty places for the hats were on the very top shelf and Rachel just wasn’t tall enough to reach it.
So preoccupied with trying to jump high enough to put away the hats, she didn’t even notice the door open until there was someone right behind her and hands on her hips.

With a muffled shriek, she whirled around to find Finn. “You scared me.”

“Sorry.” He said, leaning in to kiss her.

Squirming to the side, she escaped his arms. “Now that you’re here, can you put these hats up there?”

“Mr. Shue still into the country idea?” He asked.

“Yes. We’re going to discuss it as a group tomorrow, but I think Mercedes and I got him off of the hats. And anything flannel.”

Grinning, and yes it made her heart leap, Finn pulled one of the hats out of her hand, and slapped it on his head. “What do you think?”

“Mmmmm, cowboys.” Rachel murmured as she pulled him closer. “Let’s put these back, then we can go to my house and see how well you ride.”

Hope you like it, please comment!
27th-Jul-2009 03:37 pm - Writer's Block: Bite Me
glee, rachel, obsessed, finn
From Dr. Polidori's Lord Ruthven to Stephenie Meyer's Edward Cullen, the annals of vampire lore are filled with attractive, charming bloodsuckers. Which one would you most want to be bitten by?
Mick St. John from CBS's Moonlight. He's soooo sexy, and he's all growly and sexyvampirejumpish. Plus, he has a knack for showstopping kisses. Sigh, I just love him so. And Mick is always there when you need him. Oh, and he's friends with Joseph, who is just so cool and funny. And tragic, but still.
23rd-Jul-2009 09:12 pm(no subject)
glee, rachel, obsessed, finn

Title: I’m Too Drunk to Taste this Chicken

Rating: T for underage drinking

Fandom/Pairing: Glee/FinnRachel

Notes: Title has very little to do with actual story, I just love the quote from Talladega Nights. I don’t own Glee. Everyone start writing more Glee!

Summary: In which Rachel gets drunk, and Finn gets an interesting version of a lap dance.


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10th-Jul-2009 01:35 pm - Fic: Obssession
glee, rachel, obsessed, finn

Title: Obsession

Rating: K+

Summary: She’s knows she’s not the healthiest person.

Fandom/Characters: Rachel, Finn/Rachel

She knows she’s not the healthiest person. Also, she can get a little obsessive, it’s true. But those are things that will help her in the long run. Her single mindedness will get her farther in life than any of her two bit class mates. One thing Rachel Berry is no okay with however is obsessing about a boy.

Because that’s what this is, her little crush on Finn. It’s an obsession, and it actually scares her how much she cares about him and what he thinks about her. It hurts her that he keeps choosing his relationship with Quinn over her and everything that they could be. He’s supposed to be her fairy tale, that guy who completes her story, the leading man to her talented heroine, her first, and maybe last, true love. He just wouldn’t leave Quinn.

Also, Quinn joined Glee. Rachel wasn’t happy when it happened, and she isn’t happy now. That’s why she quits. She knows Quinn, she’s been tormented by her for years. Quinn wants Glee because Rachel has it. Rachel just doesn’t take threats to her power lightly. After one miserable rehearsal, she told Mr. Shue that it was her or Quinn, and he said that he couldn’t cut Quinn because she was a pretty good singer, and also they needed the members. Maybe he didn’t think that she was serious when she told him she was out, but she was and she didn’t come back.

The other Glee members try to talk to her, one at a time. Artie is understanding and doesn’t push, Mercedes tells her to stop being such a white girl and suck it up, and Kurt tells her she’s acting like Miss Jay and to stop being such a diva because he thought she cared about Glee. Surprisingly, it’s Tina who Rachel bonds with during this whole experience. She catches Rachel at a weak moment, right after she hears Quinn and Finn sing together for the first time, and everything just comes pouring out. Rachel even cries, and that’s so rare.

Finn even tries to talk to her, but she avoids him like the strep throat, and he eventually gives up (she still sees him staring at her in class with an almost hurt look. Rachel ignores it. He can go cry to his girlfriend.).

It’s lonely without Glee, and at first she sits at the same table at lunch with Tina, Artie, Mercedes, and Kurt, but then Finn starts sitting with them, and Rachel just can’t handle that, so she starts eating in the library. Books won’t kiss her and run.

They also won’t show up uninvited to her house, looking nervous and regretful, sort of like a frightened deer just before it gets hit by a six ton truck. Rachel is a little angry, is it noticeable? The doorbell rings one Friday night when Rachel is already in bed, and she gets up to answer because both her dads are out at a function, and she had wanted to stay in and cry.

Figuring it’s someone who is lost or something, she doesn’t bother to put anything over her nightgown with the thin straps. She wishes she had put on a sweatshirt (or an Invisibility Cloak. Actually bullet proof vests would work too) when she realizes it’s Finn outside. Rachel immediately ducks down behind the door so he can’t see her, alternatively cursing herself for being so cowardly and him for being so attractive. The door opens, and hits her, sending her scurrying to her feet. She still isn’t tall, and she finds herself looking way up into his smoldering eyes. Smoldering. Has she mentioned the whole getting over her crush/obsession isn’t working too well?

“Breaking and entering is illegal.”

He doesn’t smile (good, because it wasn’t a joke). “I’m about to write to Congress and have them make you ignoring me illegal too.”

“Get out of my house.” She points her finger at the door and thrusts her chin up.

He shakes his head. “I will. I promise, hear me out, and then I’ll leave and you won’t ever have to talk to me again.”

Which isn’t what she wants. She wants him to dump Quinn, come to her house (actually, a lot like this, except he should be wearing something other than torn blue jeans, and carrying a red rose), and then make love all night long. More than that (almost), she wants to be his friend, and she wants him to care about her half as much as she cares for him.

That isn’t going to happen now, is it? She crosses her arms across her chest, hoping they can somehow protect her heart. “Speak.”

“We all really want you back in Glee. It’s not the same without you, and I’m sorry for everything that happened between us, but I promise it won’t affect our performance.”
Rachel looks up at him. “I don’t want to work with Quinn. She’s only there to destroy Glee.”
Finn runs his hands through her hair, and sighed. “I don’t want to believe she’d do anything like that, although with everything I’ve just found out…. but I won’t let her say anything to you. Rachel, we really need you back.”

She is not going to cry. Vulnerability in front of someone who would only mock her is unacceptable, and she will not break this time. To distract herself, she asks, “What’d she do?”
Finn’s voice broke. “She cheated on me with the wide receiver. It’s over between us.”

“Sorry,” Her voice is flat because really, isn’t that exactly what they did (except Rachel isn’t wide at all, thank you very much)?

“I guess I deserved it.” He shrugs. “So, will we see you Monday?”
“Maybe. Goodnight Finn.”
He looks frustrated, and a little disappointed. “’Night Rachel.”

On Monday she walks into Glee (because what’s a leading lady without her all-star courage? She can get over Finn, or she can make him hers. The first one is healthier, but Rachel Berry has never been the most healthy person, not when it comes to Finn Hudson).

I'm not sure I love this, but I had stuff in my head that had to get out, even if it didn't make much sense. I hope you guys at least didn't hate it. Spoilers are ruining my summer! I don't want it to be September because then school starts, but I want Glee.
7th-Jul-2009 03:31 pm(no subject)
glee, rachel, obsessed, finn
Title: Finn’s No Good, Very Rotten Day
Rating: T
Fandom/Pairing: Glee/FinnRachel

Summary: He was sure there were other guys out there who wanted to kiss their very platonic friends senseless.

Disclaimer: Do you think we would have to wait for September if I owned Glee? No.

Actually, he woke up happy. Literally. He was smiling, sort of, but his “problem” was becoming rather painful. Especially because he just couldn’t get the images from his dream last night out of his head. Finn figured it would be okay to revisit it one more time, just when he was getting himself under control for the day.

This particular dream was out of the ordinary for two reasons. First, it was about Rachel Berry, and second, it wasn’t very kinky. Okay, so he and Quinn were officially over, and was finally free to acknowledge the attraction he felt for Rachel. Still, he’d never had a dream that intense about anyone he knew, not even Quinn. Why he felt it so strongly was totally beyond him, because it was kind of just normal. At least the first part was.

He was sitting in the front row of the auditorium, all alone, and Rachel was by herself on stage. She started singing “Don’t Stop Believing”, and sure, she was wearing one of her sexier outfits, a short skirt with knee socks and heels, but it wasn’t exactly a leather bustier. Anyway, she was dancing too, again normal, though sensuous, movements. It wasn’t much, but he found himself more turned on than he’d ever been.

Finn leaned against the shower wall as he thought about the next part. Rachel had walked towards him. Then, she straddled him, and kissed down his neck while slowly unbuttoning his shirt. He was able to move suddenly, and absolutely tore her shirt off. She got this shocked, reproving look on her face, with bright pink lips forming an “O” shape. “Clothes are expensive, Finn. You should treat them with respect.”

It might have been a turn off, but the way she said his name was almost a moan, and just thinking about it sent him over the edge.

“Okay then. Out of my system.” Finn said to himself while getting dressed. He will not think anymore about Rachel, because he only thinks she’s pretty, not that he likes her as anything other than a friend.

Hungry, he ran downstairs to the breakfast table, where it looked like a fruit explosion.

“Mrs. Dubose from next door brought over some of her extra fruit.” His mother told him smiling. “There are strawberries, blueberries, mulberries, raspberries, bayberries, teaberries, tayberries, boysenberries, gooseberries, blackberries, cranberries…”
His head was going to explode. Rachel Berry with a strawberry in her hand, and lips stained from its juice. Finn took a deep breath.
“That’s a lot.” He said, determined to be normal today. “Do we have room for all that?”
“No, so why don’t you take some to school for Glee today? I ran into Mr. Berry last night at the market and he said Rachel just couldn’t get enough of bananas. I bet she’d love it if you brought her some.”
Rachel eating a banana. Somebody hated him up there, because he was not supposed to be thinking about a friend this way.

Ms. Hudson picked up her purse. “I have to go. Don’t forget to turn off the TV when you leave for school.”
“I won’t Mom. Love you.”
After he prepared his breakfast, he sat down on the couch to watch the news. Horror stories would distract him from his own thoughts. It’s foolproof!”

“Good morning, Ohio. Today’s top stories include Do some berries make you crazy? Dr. Rachel Towne gives us the answer later on. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we have a new segment called “He won’t admit he loves her” for friends who see what he doesn’t. When we come back, why you should tell those you love that you care for them-before it’s too late. I’m Rachel Hudson, have a great day Ohio.”

Finn turned off the TV. He wasn’t in love with Rachel. He wasn’t going to marry her, and she certainly would never be a TV anchor. And yes, Berrys do make you crazy. Still, he was not in love with Rachel.

So he had one (or five) dreams about her. So he thought more about her than Quinn, even when they were an item. So what if he hugged her after every rehearsal? It was what friends did. And he was positive there were some other guys out there who wanted to kiss their very platonic friend senseless. It’s just hormones talking.

It didn’t matter. So the day started weird. Once he was at school, he would see Rachel Berry, not the seductress of his dreams, but his friend. Actually, the first thing he saw at school was everyone staring at him, and apparently whispering about him. Assuming it was something to do with Glee, he shouldered through the crowd to his locker, determined to ignore it.

“Hey man, party Saturday nigh. You coming, or do you have some homo-explosion thing to do?”
Finn shrugged. “I don’t have Glee on weekends, so I can go.”

Puck nodded. “Awesome. I should tell you though, now that we’re talking about this whole Glee thing, that some guys were talking after practice the other day, and if you wanted to bring that girl from Glee, we’d be cool with it.”

He almost cracked his neck; he turned his head so fast. “Rachel? Why would I bring Rachel to a party? And why would you guys be not pissed about it?”
Puck put his hand on Finn’s shoulder in a rare moment of solidarity. “Dude, I don’t quite see what you do in her, clearly, but if she makes you happy, then of course I’m not going to be pissed about it. Plus, attitude aside, she’s almost as hot as Quinn.”
“Rachel is way hotter… I mean, I’m not into her like that. I’ve got to go to class.”

Somebody must have drugged him, or maybe Finn was still dreaming, because there was no way Puck would ever be cool with anything to do with Glee.

Right before he entered the relative safety of his first period, some girl stopped him and asked, “So, did you, like, ask out Rachel Berry yet?”

She looked startled. “Like, don’t take it out on be cause you can’t, like, man up enough to ask her out. Quinn, like, said the reason you two broke up was, like, because you were totally in love with Rachel Berry.”

Finn walked away. Normally, he would have been much less rude, but he just couldn’t handle anymore today.

Unfortunately, the universe wasn’t quite done with him yet.

In chemistry, his teacher announced that today they would be receiving new lab partners. Finn groaned with the rest of the class. His lab partner was currently another guy on the football team, not the brightest, but still fun to work with.

“As I call the pairs, please gather your things and sit with your partner. Liz with Stevenson, Jordan Mary, Rachel Hudson….”

Finn looked at Rachel who was smiling at him. Before he realized what he was doing, he was smiling back. His friend shoved him in the back, “Dude, go get her!”

“This is going to be a long class” He muttered to himself. And he was right. Everything Rachel did was so sexy, from the way she bit her pen, to the way she twirled her finger in her hair when she was concentrating. Not much of his class work got done because his brain wouldn’t let his eyes look away from her.

By the time school was over, Finn was this close to snapping. Everybody he talked to that day mentioned Rachel. Even Tina and Artie, when he saw them in the hall looked at him, and then looked at Rachel significantly. It drove him insane because he did not love Rachel!
So, when Kurt asked, “Finn, do you know why Rachel isn’t here yet?” can anyone blame him for being a little testy when he replied, “No, I don’t know. I’m not Rachel’s keeper.”?
“But I thought…”

Luckily, Mr. Shue broke in saying, “Rachel had to talk to another teacher. She’ll be here shortly. In the meantime, I’m going to give you the background on our next song. It’s from West Side Story and…”
Finn zoned out. Okay, so maybe he liked Rachel a little bit. How could he not? She was smart, talented, gorgeous, and even her quirks were endearing. That didn’t mean he was in love with her, and if one more person said something about it….

“Finn, basically you want Rachel more than anything. You can’t be with her because of societal expectations, but you don’t care, because you’re just madly in love with her.”
He exploded. “So what? I’m in love with Rachel Berry, and who cares about what everyone else thinks? If I want to be with her, I will be, and it’s really none of anyone else’s business how I feel about Rachel, so stop making such a big deal over the fact that I love her!”

“I was talking about the song.” Mr. Shue said, in a slightly strained voice. Then he joined the rest of the cast, and just stared at Finn in shocked silence.

Oh Lord, what did he do? Finn sat at the edge of the stage and buried his face in his hands, trying to disappear. How did this happen? One minute he was fine in denial, and now everything was out in the open. The door banged open, but no one moved. Rachel, who had been nearly sprinting down the aisle, slowed as she took in the scene: Finn sitting on the front of the stage, appearing to be smacking himself on the head, the other Glee members standing in a semicircle behind him, all with open mouths and wide eyes, and in front of the stage, Mr. Shue seemed like he was trying very hard not to laugh.

“Hello everyone. What’s going on?”
Slowly, everyone but Finn turned to look at her. He just sat still, praying they would mind their own business for once.

Haha, no! Mercedes, now grinning like she was having the time of her life, announced, “Finn is in love with you!”
“I know.” Rachel sounded bored. “About 50 people, including Puck and various Cheerios, told me. They wondered why we weren’t dating yet. Why aren’t we rehearsing? Regionals are coming up soon!”
“But, girl, he just announced it to us. Like, full on confessional.”
Mr. Shue, belatedly in Finn’s opinion, decided it was time to get back to work. As Rachel passed Finn on the stage, she pulled on his arm. “Don’t worry about it. We can talk later.”
So he stood up. And pulled her back around and slammed his mouth onto hers. In the background, Mr. Shue started packing up his papers.

“You know what? We’ll just have extra rehearsal tomorrow, because today is just too crazy.”

The rest of the cast left, Kurt glancing back sullenly, Tina blushing, and Mercedes high-fiving Artie, but Finn didn’t even notice until he pulled back.

“Want to go to Puck’s party Saturday night?”
She nodded, apparently too dazed for words (Finn internally gave himself a high five. How many people have ever made Rachel speechless?).
Fine, so he was a little bit in love with Rachel Berry.

Hope everyone enjoyed it! Happy Fourth for those who celebrate it (slightly belatedly), and just generally happy summer for everyone else. Please let me know what you think!

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